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  1. akiraminamai Oct 12, 2013

    i love hetalia *fangirl scream* XD

  2. WalkingEncyclopedia Oct 07, 2012

    Nihao everyone (^v^)/ I'm from Hong Kong >:D

  3. DragonBlossom25 Feb 19, 2012

    my newest artwork : (prussia x hungary)

  4. lenaelric Feb 05, 2012


    If you like Hetalia I'm sure you will like to participate of this forum.
    There you can speak in Portuguese or English. It is really new and we are trying to recrut many Hetalia fans and I hope you can join in our forum! :3

    Please, we created this forum in Feb 4th, so don't expect so many people there. That's why we are doing our
    best to recrute more people! Please, consider us and make an account and join us :D

  5. aozoraskies Feb 01, 2012

    Welcome! ariahien, NekoSuika1o, Lully-chan, Cielo-Plus, joyallen145 - I hope you enjoy it here. ^w^

    Sorry for the delay, haven't been checking on this group much the past few months. ^^;

  6. rosel-D Jan 07, 2012

    Hello, my first post here ^^

    some hetalia drawing share

  7. aozoraskies Sep 30, 2011

    Konbawa Hetalia. I see you fell victim to the MT cuttin' bug. Well - Lemme reboot your page! muahahaha/ ._.

    merged: 10-21-2011 ~ 09:52pm
    Ne~ Fixed the page codes again because it looked weird on other bigger monitors. Now it's like mine - fixed, no funny dropping around. :3

  8. MiMi Jul 02, 2011

    Hi guys! Let's welcome now ouer newest RECRUITER!-- ehem.. mod...
    Welcome ahead, "Ella-san"!

    merged: 07-17-2011 ~ 09:59pm
    Oh my, long time not posting here.. sheez, MT's groups are not so active nowadays >.< Anyway, I need to welcome 2 members here: shinydotz and
    scribbledclef! Welcome to the Hetalia's group! hehe enjy ypur stay please ^^

    Now that I can FINALLY announce, we will have soon a contest! Yay! A mini-contest to start with.. omg I am soo excited about it! Yay! what about you? ^^

  9. aozoraskies Jun 29, 2011

    Thank you for sharing your lovely artwork here, DragonBlossom25 and Ella-san! I've added them to the gallery~ :3

    @Miku: A weekly episode? :D And, want me to start a thread for that? :P If anyone reading this is interested in helping out in the group, please post in either the group's GB or one of the admin's GB. ;)

    Ooh Korean, how cool! Then you can understand all those Kpop songs and Kdramas. Whee~

    EDIT: Please welcome momochappy as a member to Hetalia! !

    EDIT: I'm working on making this page on par with the other groups I did CSS for. No one stop me! o3o Complete rework of CSS on~! *exaggerates*

  10. Ella-san Jun 28, 2011

    My two newest artwork ^^

  11. DragonBlossom25 Jun 27, 2011

    well, this is the first time i making a guestbook post in here.

    my newest hetalia artwork (JapanXTaiwan XD~ ) :

    Morning Walk

    hope you like it! ^____^
    i really appreciate your comment...

  12. MiMi Jun 07, 2011

    Hey hey, sorry guys out there! Where is all the people...? Lol, never mind, I have this idea for you guys .. wait, first of all, I must start saying welcome to our new members!
    W e are gonna submit now a nw section.. The hetalia weekly episode! And indeed Ao-chan..

    Quote by aozoraskies
    merged: 06-01-2011 ~ 04:09am

    I feel like I'm talking to myself. ;_; I'm so going to recruit more staff after my exams..

    .. we need definetly more staff, as Hetalia still keeps growing, we should mantain the love!
    Amd guess what, while not being in internet, I'm learnign Korean! Yeah that crazy Korean dude, if you ask me, we might have a learn-a-language section.. just lemme know what you think xD

    So, how have you been guys?

  13. aozoraskies May 02, 2011

    Thanks Miku! Glad you like the layout. :3 Been busy hmm? Yeah, I'll be getting busy later on too. >< Hope members will help us keep the group alive if we're both away. ^^; I wonder.

    P.S. Please welcome another new member, KiyrahAyrn~

    merged: 05-07-2011 ~ 08:35am
    PLEASE welcome another new member, Kalein! :3

    merged: 05-18-2011 ~ 03:49am
    Please welcome ANOTHER new member! ajkk~

    merged: 06-01-2011 ~ 04:09am
    And please welcome azunyaan as well~

    I feel like I'm talking to myself. ;_; I'm so going to recruit more staff after my exams..

  14. MiMi May 02, 2011

    Hey ao-chan, the page has been re-built perfectly! I like the style! n_n
    So please tru}y to continue the activites here.. we sure will love to be here to show support!
    Good job in this one, Ao.chan! Welcome to the new members too!

    Sorry if I haven't been showing up, I was orta busy with my university exams and tests.. I'm so tired! xD

  15. aozoraskies Apr 26, 2011

    lol lol yeah that was what I thought, instant censor! That was MT's default, ;) covering up all that skin and blinding poor Spain..

    Fixed that, now I need to find out how to move stuff so that the bar will be rounded at the ends XD. Looks kind of weird right now. Maybe I'll scrap the search bar, and make the bar transparent, with buttons for links.. lol. Still... It's color and ttttiiiiddddiiieeeerrr~~~~

    In other news, I watched Hetalia's movie 'Paint It White' and the first part of their game. :3 The movie is inconsistent but funny all the same, and you get to see England-san in a red tracksuit! *swoon* And the ED is lovely. XDD.
    The otome game, Gakuen Hetalia is here:
    It's Seychelles-centric, not much BL in sight but is soooo <3 <3 and funnyyyy. It makes me like shoujo all over again lol.

    And since they were lost amidst the long posts;
    Please welcome cheachan and BlackCat13Train to the group!

    merged: 04-28-2011 ~ 09:15am
    Hmm just opened this on Firefox, and I noticed that the gif tab icon actually works there. :Yay:
    On the other hand, the sign in menu drifts away so far.. Am fixing! :)

    EDIT: Fixed yay! Seychelles-chan peeks out at you from the login menu now. :giggle: so cute.
    EDIT: Fixed the green bg thing the staff star was on. lol, I had no idea I made that mistake, Google Chrome didn't show.

  16. MiMi Apr 26, 2011

    yay! we are still growing ehem... But GEEZ... What happened with that bar that's over the hetalia guys! o.o like "censoring" them (too much beautifulness please don't show off yourselves xDDD)
    Try to fx that up and we are gonna be okay :3

  17. aozoraskies Apr 20, 2011

    Aw, thank you Miku! It's nice to see people actually accepting the invites. :3 Ooh what changes? *__*

    We need to update the gallery! >D Would you let us, dear members? :3
    Participation is <3 Let's not be so quiet. :P

    merged: 04-20-2011 ~ 09:43pm
    Thank you Miku, for making me admin! I'll try and make this work!

    Nu nu nu nu nuuu~ I updated page so tell me if it looks okay. Seems fine at my end, just that I made the icons and stuff myself so not as clean as you might like... Will work on the guestbook and memberlist bars later. :)

    merged: 04-21-2011 ~ 12:09am
    Please welcome cheachan to the group! :3

    EDIT: Did some small changes, Miku. I went through your IMG bit and noticed that you made a header bar gradient thing. But it didn't show because of a typo, which I fixed for you. If that was intentional, sowwy. But yeah, it's showing now.. I also cleared out some of the excess codes at the bottom. If you want them back, I can replace them since I have them saved on notepad.
    I'm still figuring out the text codes, give me time. :3

    Made minor changes with text.. Will come back and continue next time, need to restart browser. :) See you peeps later! right, like anyone reads this lol

    EDIT: Got most of the text colours fixed to fit the layout already, changed the 'ticks' to stars (Belatedly realised that his + Germany is not safe but argh, I didn't mean it, kay?), fixed a few spelling mistakes. :3 Now I'm gonna sleep lol. Next time, I'll change the colours for the guestbook and change the dimensions of the header image.. Hope it looks all right, colour scheme's starting to look a bit guerilla-ish lol. Night!

    EDIT: Back lol. Added Credits section, just to be fair. It's so low down though lol. Okay, see you guys, gona get my bowl, gotta have my cereal. x_x Will update more later.

    EDIT: 23/4/2011: Figured out how to fix the header image position through analysing CSS-speak. Hoo yay. Now I will actually work on the guestbook colours. no more procrastination.
    EDIT: Done guestbook. Not sure about colours but ah you guys tell me if it hurts your eyes. :) I think I'm pretty much edited everything but the search bar to look less copied+pasted. Yay. I learnt a lot from this too. :3 So next is.. search bar and chara table. Right... Can't we get the members to help in the table? There are a lot more countries coming up. Nordics, Baltics, other Europeans, Cuba, Canada, Seychelle.. and that's just those from the anime. If we were to show the manga.. Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand oh gee. And if the actual world.. :x

    XDD I'm done with the codes, Miku! Left the Elements and Special fonts pretty much untouched since we've not started using them.. :3 Hai, OYASUMINASAI MINNA-SAN.

  18. MiMi Apr 20, 2011

    And we are growing guys! Thanks to Aozora for this incredible job as a moderator... I guess we will be introducing some new feature here in APH group!

    Quote by j-valiumHi, Thanks for the invite ^^
    the group is really cute *-*

    Glad to hear that, j-valium! Will you let us feature some of your Hetalia walls? I've seen your art, and I think it suits the group well.. seems Ao-chan as well :3

    Also welcome to all the new members! I'm glad to see that gfroup has an acceptance here in MT... Fangirl love, please! xD

  19. aozoraskies Apr 10, 2011

    Please welcome DisgruntledRabbit and j-valium to the group!

    Thanks for the merger break, j-valium. Hehe. And you're welcomed for the invite! I hope you have fun here.

    merged: 04-11-2011 ~ 10:41am
    And now, please welcome XxKirashouxX to the group! :D

  20. j-valium Apr 09, 2011

    Hi, Thanks for the invite ^^
    the group is really cute *-*

  21. aozoraskies Apr 02, 2011

    Harem! lol well would Kiku mind? :3

    D: Forum did not kick off properly, needs more fffuuueeelll. Come on, do you peeps not want to join in that much?

    merged: 04-02-2011 ~ 07:24am
    Oh shoot. We're in trouble over the layout's CSS codes, miku. D: I think we'll prob have to remove a lot of them.

    merged: 04-04-2011 ~ 09:33am
    We have a new member! Welcome, hidekeitaro!

    Post to break merging PLEASE someone hahahaha.

  22. MiMi Mar 31, 2011

    Hey girls! I do want Kiku tooo *hugs Kiku as well*
    Mmmm... now that I think of it..3 girls... hugging Kiku...... isn't Japan gonna end in, like,m a hearem or something? xDD

  23. aozoraskies Mar 29, 2011

    Yes! Japan FTW! (Will you share Kiku Honda with me? :3)

  24. MANDy Mar 29, 2011

    We are all love Japan! *hugging Kiku Honda*

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